Ferro Silico Calcium (Calcium Silicide)

Ferro Silico Calcium (Calcium Silicide)
Ferro Silico Calcium is an alloy of iron, silicon and calcium, prepared by skilled experts using right blend of these components. Our company holds expertise as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of such alloys of various grades. As per the quantity of silicon, preparation of this alloy is done, for example alloys with over 15% silicon content are prepared in furnace, whereas these can also be obtained by making reduction of silica with coke in presence of iron ores. Calcined Magnesite also plays crucial role as an ingredient in preparation of ferro silico calcium silicide of international quality standards abidance. For meeting diverse requirements of several industries such as chemicals, automotive and engineering, we strive and offer these also in form of Ferro Silicon Powder. Offered calcium silicide alloy are also used for making special metal alloys, removing phosphorus and as a deoxidizer. Furthermore, customers can purchase offered products from us in several quantity packs as per their respective requirements.

  • Insoluble in water
  • May get decompose when subjected to moisture, evolving hydrogen & producing calcium hydroxide
  • Decomposes in hot water
  • Flammable
  • Si-55-65%
  • Ca-28-40%
  • C- 1%
  • S-0.1%
  • P-0.03%