Ferro Manganese Alloys

Ferro Manganese Alloys
Customers can purchase from us high quality Ferro Manganese Alloys, which is made by heating mixture of MnO2 and Fe2O3 oxides in a furnace as per globally acceptable quality norms. Our range consists of high quality Silica Manganese and Magnesite Peas that are offered to customers after successfully passing out thermal decomposition reaction test. The high quality Ferro Silico Magnesium we offer are extensively used as steel deoxidizer in our industry. A large number of stainless steel producers widely demand and use our alloys for having cost effective steels. Alloys of ferro manganese is used over their raw forms due to having lower melting point as compared to pure manganese oxide.

  • Mn-60-80%
  • P-0.15% max
  • Si-1.5% max.
  • S-0.05% max.
  • For high carbon upto 8% max.
  • For low carbon upto 0.03% max.