Ferro Aluminium

Ferro Aluminium
Supreme quality Ferro Aluminium manufactured, exported, supplied, and traded by Raghav Steels makes sure there is no inadvertent entry of deleterious impurities (e.g. non-metallic inclusions) in to the liquid steel. These are developed by our experts, utilizing their knowledge & experience of alloys industry from high quality iron and Aluminum Notch Bar. In addition, to come up with alloys of international quality standard abidance, Calcium Carbide is also used by our production experts. This alloy is widely used as a de-oxidation agent for making steel and also in combination with scrap copper and carbon steel for moulding purpose. Some other uses of ferro aluminum includes for igniting the mixture, welding electrodes and to join rail tracks.

  • Ferro Aluminium: Al-30-60%
  • Aluminium Ingot: Purity upto 99.9%
  • Aluminium Notch Bar: Purity upto 99.9%
  • Aluminium Powder: Purity upto 99.9%